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To everyone who has supported JCHCC's mission and all of those who will, please accept our thanks on behalf of our patients, who are indebted to your kindness and generosity. Your support allows us the privilege of providing tens of thousands of medically underserved adults and children with a health care home. You can help by supporting JCHCC's mission to expand access to care. At JCHCC, we are dedicated to providing quality health care services for the uninsured and underinsured. But we can’t continue serving the growing uninsured and underinsured populations without the support of our community.
Although we are a federally qualified community health center, only a very small percentage of our budget comes from federal grant funds. Without the support of our partners and our community, we would only be able to serve a fraction of our current patients. Your financial contributions will support direct patient care services. To donate, simply complete the form to make a one-time credit card donation.