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It is the mission of Jefferson Community Health Care Centers, Inc’s (JCHCC) to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to the medically underserved, uninsured, under-insured, and low to moderate income residents of Jefferson Parish.  Fees for services rendered are calculated on a sliding scale and determined by the individual’s ability to pay.  JCHCC provides services and access to care without regard to age, gender, race, sexual preference, disability, religion, or financial resource.

Signs are posted in all reception areas throughout the center to inform individuals of the sliding scale discount


  • Any individual, who registers as self-pay and/or uninsured, is offered the opportunity to apply for the sliding scale      discount.

  • Patient will be directed to a counselor who will explain to the patient the process for applying for the sliding discount.

  • Counselor will inform patient of the information that will be required of them in order to qualify for the discount      program.  Proof of income can consist of the following:

      • Current check stub

      • Budget sheet

      • Income award letter

      • Prior year tax return

      • W-2 form

      • Signed statement from employer

      • Self-Declaration (last resort)

  • Counselor will enter patient’s income information and household size into the household assessment.

  • Once the percentage of the sliding discount is determined, the patient is informed of the percentage they will be      responsible for.

  • The income verification will be scanned into the patient’s electronic chart.

  • If patient cannot present verification of income, the patient will write a self-declaration about their income.

  • Counselor will explain to patient the self-declaration will only allow for one (1) office visit.

  • Counselor will stress the importance of bringing the household income information in order to continue using the sliding scale.

  • Counselor to document in case record to notify receptionist of information needed from patient.


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504-371-8958 | E-Mail JCHCC



1855 Ames Boulevard, Ste B
Marrero, LA 70072
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3932 US Highway 90
Avondale, LA 70094
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JCHCC-River Ridge
11312 Jefferson Highway
River Ridge, LA 70123
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5140 Church St.
Lafitte, LA 70067
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