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If you have any questions concerning the vaccine, please call InclusivCare at 1-877-302-4985 for more information.

Video Overview

A quick look at what InclusivCare provides to the community.

(*If telehealth services are provided either before or at a COVID-19 Test Event, charges may apply or your insurance may be billed. Please speak to an InclusivCare representative for more details.)


1-877-302-4985 or CALL 504-341-4006 FOR AN APPOINTMENT

Also, remember to call 911 for ALL EMERGENCIES!

Coronavirus Information

UPDATE: A message from Dr. Shondra Williams, CEO, InclusivCare, Click Here

If you are having respiratory symptoms or would like information regarding COVID19 testing, call our hotline number at 1-877-302-4985

To receive ongoing updates from InclusivCare join our text message group. Text Covid19 to 1-833-410-0213

You can also have questions answered via text by texting 1-833-410-0213.


Primary Medical Care

What makes us different

Convenient Locations

Marrero, Kenner, Avondale, Lafitte

Nationally Accredited & Certified

Our team of qualified doctors are highly trained to serve our patients needs.

Dental Services

InclusivCare provides quality dental care for both adults and children.

Mobile Dental Bus

Accredited and Certified

InclusivCare is Joint Commission Accredited and NCQA Certified, thereby serving the community with integrity and a standard of quality that exceeds the needs of our patients.


Healthcare For All