Core Values

EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence through providing quality health care to all.
INTEGRITY: We will be truthful, equitable and committed to intellectual honesty.
DIVERSITY: We will serve all communities and foster intellectual, racial, social and cultural diversity.
PROFESSIONALISM: We will achieve the highest standards of professionalism through ethical behavior, collaboration, self-education and respect for all patients and employees.
TEAMWORK: We will support each other and promote collaboration within our agency.


To improve the delivery of primary medical services to the medically underserved and all residents of Greater New Orleans. To elevate the health status of low-income residents of the targeted area by attending to patients regardless of their ability to pay. To empower the indigent/low income residents by improving the delivery of acute, primary and preventive services and the continuum of tertiary and hospital care. To educate the public of the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment and to improve health habits. To lower the incidence of chronic and communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, lower the incidence of teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, tobacco use, et.


To have a needs-based service structure that is patient driven in a PCMH Model. To have highly trained, self motivated, competent staff that is respected by the community. To have a comprehensive community health delivery system providing excellent patient care through integrated services that are technology driven. To be a financially stable organization that has a strong revenue stream. To increase employee accountability and morale, have higher productivity and lower employee turnover. To have leadership that is visionary, ethical, progressive and desires the same outcomes.